This is a basic introduction to what I do and also for me to get to know what you want to achieve. If you aren't sure, that's fine too. We can have a general chat and extract some goals from there.

Pay as you Go Sessions are £40 an hour

Block of 5 sessions are £160 (saving of £40)

Block of 10 sessions are £320 (saving of £80)

To be paid via Bank Transfer or Paypal before the sessions (receipts can be emailed)

A Counsellor will work on specific issues, such as Addiction, Sexuality, PTSD. Whilst it is useful for Life Coaches to visit these personal barriers, we don't have to look at them in depth. It's merely so we can look at the whole picture, instead of a fragment. During this process we can identify patterns that we may not have been able to see if we just looked at each piece close up.

In short, Counsellors are the magnifying glasses and Coaches are the 'Wide Angle' Lens. You can have a Counsellor and a Life Coach at the same time, as they do complement each other nicely.

They are both interchangeable. Some Clients prefer to focus on the business aspect of life, whether that be starting their own business, feeling more fulfilled in a job they have or simply help in finding a job.

I have Diplomas in Gestalt Therapy and Spiritual Life Coaching and spent 2 years training in Transactional Analysis.

Apart from travelling and working around the globe, I used to work within the Public Sector, helping the long term unemployed overcome personal barriers to work. I have been running my own health and wellness business for over a decade and involve myself in all aspects of the business, including Website creation, Finance and Business development.

24 hours notice

Not really but I have personal insight into:

Anything LGBTQ related

Dis-ordered thinking around food


Starting a Business

Psychotherapists will tend to look at the past and patterns of behaviour you had as a child and from care givers and relating it to the present to see where the patterns are repeating themselves. It's a long term therapy that deconstructs your life.

Life coaching will focus more on present issues. The 'here and now.' The past can be discussed as a reference point but we won't be focusing on it.