What we are conditioned to believe, starts in those first few years of life. We gain a belief system, before we can talk. That belief system tends to be given to us by caregivers and they aren’t always positive or serve us as Adults. It seeps through our pores and we wear it like it’s our own.

As Adults, we can step back and view the ‘whole’ picture. We often realise these messages passed down to us are not our own, but a false projection. It was our caregivers state of mind at the time and you can choose to let those messages go.

How? A Life Coach can help you uncover that conditioning. We can help navigate those difficult and complex belief systems. And we can work on replacing them ‘together,’ with a thought process that empowers you.

It’s not an overnight process and involves observing internal thoughts and journaling, as well as an active will to change. But if you do commit, it’s a path that will prove fruitful and one that will pay you back in leaps and bounds. Patience is key here.

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